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WISE services:

  1. Recruitment services: Labour market research – identify companies that already employ NEETs, access target population, creation of data base, contact data collection
  2. NEETs Assessment of preferences and competences, engagement – motivation, explore values, work skills;
  3. Vocational Counselling services – case coordination services – integration of other services, contacting relevant stakeholders, enhancing motivation, provision of job tasters;
  4. Employer outreach- identify employers interested in hiring NEETs
  5. Job Search – direct or supported (mediated)
  6. Support services for job seekers – support groups, social skills training, soft skills training, CV writing, handling an interview etc
  7. On the Job Placement- information and orientation services, skill training to accomplish task, practical support, identify additional sources of support (natural sources of support), counselling assist with identifying solutions
  8. Job coaching- skill training, job adjustment, conflict mediation
  9. Information about rights and obligations as an employee
  10. Support services for employers – information, couching
  11. Ongoing support as needed