SEPAL – Supporting Employment Platform through Apprenticeship Learning

LP. Bucovina Institute – WISE Experts Team

Alina Adomnicăi,  WISE Expert –  Communication Manager and Former Vocational Counselor

My name is Alina Adomnicăi, I am 27 years old. I graduated the Faculty of Social Work and two Master’s Degrees, one in School Counseling and Emotional Education and another one in European Management and Administration. I have experience in working with children and adults with disabilities, following volunteer and internship activities from my study period. I have started working at Bucovina Institute in February 2020 as a vocational counselor within the SEPAL Project, being also responsible for promotion and communication of our association in the online environment. As a vocational counselor, I recruited NEETs for our project, I evaluated them, realized their vocational profiles and participated at different job recruitment local events. With the spread of the COVID-19 virus, I started to work online and trying to focus on finding more and more creative methods of communicating with the beneficiaries of the SEPAL Project and to attract new young people (NEETs) with the help of social media. I have to say that creativity is one of my qualities and I like to create content for Bucovina Institute’s and SEPAL pages. Starting in September 2020, I became responsible with the communication within the SEPAL Project, which means that I have to keep in touch with all the partners, to be up to date with all the activities that take place during the implementation, to create posts for the Facebook page, newsletters, articles and other communication materials. Moreover, I help with the preparation of the events.  Perseverance, perfectionism, responsibility and the desire to learn help me adapt to the new challenges and overcome obstacles, striving to get the best results in my work. Teamwork also contributes to the aspects mentioned above, because at Bucovina Institute we are a group characterized by cohesion and reciprocity.

Daniel Lungu, WISE Expert – Job Mediator

My name is Lungu Daniel. I graduated from the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, specializing in Social Work, from the University of Bucharest. During the faculty (4 years of study), I gained a lot of basic knowledge and developed the skills needed to practice in the social field.

I am currently a social worker at the Association Institute for Social Partnership Bucovina, a position that I obtained after getting involved in various volunteer projects and after a long collaboration with the Association. Therefore, I can say that I own the knowledge needed in the field of social assistance and I also have experience in the European funded projects. I also have abilities for social interactions, a high level of adaptability at the workplace, and along with my interest for the target group and my creativity, I can put into practice this useful knowledge within the Association and its projects.

 I am a confident, understanding, patient person, who can easily adapt to any situation, having the ability to find the most efficient solutions that will help me successfully manage a workshop. Moreover, I love working with people with special needs, from disadvantaged backgrounds or with disabilities of any kind because I can highly empathize with them.

When it comes to the SEPAL project, I deal, in particular, with the recruitment process and the mediation between the NEETs and the LSCs. Our main LSC that we have a partnership with is the Suceava County Hospital and I always keep in touch with the management group from there. This way we have a better understanding on how our NEETs are performing at the apprenticeship program or job. Having the management feedback for every other NEET helps us identify the gaps that the NEETs need to fill and we are the ones to help them do so. I honestly believe that this project is meant to help a lot of youngsters and I am gladfully working towards that goal.

Diana Clim, WISE Expert – Vocational Counselor

My name is Diana Clim and I work as vocational counselor at Bucovina Institute since February 2021. My responsibilities as vocational counselor are: information, counselling, evaluation of the NEETs including supporting them in improving their CV and searching for jobs in their field. This NEETs are persons with financial problems, mental and physical disabilities, discriminated people, low competencies/without work experience. I like to help and understand them with patience and to teach them how to cope with their emotional problems. I studied Psychology at Bucharest University, and after that I’ve chosen the Clinical and public health Master at University “Babes-Bolyai” from Cluj-Napoca. I worked six years in banking where I start as officer and concerning the goods results I was promoted as a coordinator. I think everyone can evolve and the key ingredients are confidence, responsibility, motivation.

P2. Pere Closa Private Foundation  – WISE Experts Team

Enerida Isuf, WISE Expert – Communication Expert and Vocational Counselor

My name is Enerida Isuf, Albanian and I am 32 years old. I am working as project officer in the Promotion Suport Area of Pere Closa Private Foundation and as project coordinator in local roma NGO, Associacio de Joves Gitanos de Gracia, Barcelona. I am graduated in Law in the Public Tirana University in Albania. Member of National Lawyers Chamber in Albania. I am graduated in Public Relation-Communication in Tirana European Private University. For more than 12 years, I worked in different Roma and non-Roma NGO in Albania, Catalonia and European level and four years and antidiscrimination commissioner in the Municipality of Tirana, Albania. All my working experiences are connected with the designing and implementation of public and private policies on vulnerable and marginalized groups, mainly with Roma community.

Since 2017, I started working with Pere Closa Private Foundation as a project technician in Caixa Proinfancia and Scholarship Program, working mainly with Roma children and families. Actually, since the SEPAL Project started, I am working as communication officer and WISE Expert. Sepal Project having as objective improvement of employability through apprenticeship of vulnerable groups, low skills, people with disabilities and Roma, is another opportunity of helping the young people of the community, which I belong.

Miquel Brethcha, SEPAL WISE Expert – Job Mediator

I studied law at the Barcelona University, my career began at Fundació Esplai a couple of years ago. I was working there as job mediator, my position in projects for all Spain and Catalunya. I was in charge with the relationship between the companies and the students and with the selection of the students to participate in the different projects. Most of these projects were based on programing computers with different languages (Java, .Net, C++…BI and Big Data,).

Now I’m working for the Fundació Pere Closa like a WISER as a job mediator, and at the same time I lead my own business HHRR company. Now I’m working for the Fundació Pere Closa like a WISE Expert – job mediator, and at the same time I lead my own business HHRR company.

Natalia Goma, WISE Expert – Vocational Counselor

Graduated in Social Psychology and Postgraduation in Migration and Education and International Cooperation. I’ve been working in social area for 20 years in different organizations and institutions in education, gender, diversity and employability. I’ve had the possibility to work in different international environments.

Now I’m working for Fundació Pere Closa like a WISE Expert and I work in consulting, writing education policy state for different city councils in Barcelona province.

P3. ZISPB – WISE Experts team

Agnė Raubaitė, WISE expert – Vocational Counsellor

She has a master’s degree in Clinical psychology at Vilnius University. She is working as a counsellor and psychologist in various local and international Youth projects on the (re)integration to the labour market, disadvantaged target groups, youth at-risk, etc. She is well experienced in implementing Youth programs, counselling and motivation activities.

Justina Dranginytė – Stočkė, WISE expert – job mediator

She is an entrepreneur, counsellor, job mediator. Justina has a master’s degree in Education, long-term experience in counselling disadvantaged Youth under Youth Initiatives and other programs in Northern Lithuania, implements various training programs for Youth on the entrepreneurship, at present, works as a job mediator for low-qualified or inexperienced NEETs (24-29 years old) coming from socially disadvantaged groups.

Gintarė Januševičienė, WISE expert – Coordinator

She has background and education of journalism, she has long-term experience in working with socially disadvantaged youth groups: unmotivated, unemployed, low-skilled youth in various national projects. She is trained as professional youth worker. At present, counsel NEETs on inclusion to the labour market, volunteering, provide supported employment services, work-based training counselling.

P4. KoiSPE Diadromes – WISE Experts team

Sengkergki Dimitra, WISE Expert – Vocational Counselor

My name is Sengkergki Dimitra and I participate at SEPAL Project as a Vocational counselor since February of 2020.I graduated the Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health studies. I have started working in Koispe Diadromes in December 2017 as a Public Health inspector. As a counselor, I have to undertake various responsibilities and my main concern is to provide assistance to anybody interested, guiding him/her to set up the foundation of his/her future orientation in the job market. The SEPAL project has developed both my sociability and my sensitivity. At my free time I am reading, listening to soothing melodies and I am exercising.

Vasilis Chronopoulos, WISE Expert – Job Mediator

My name is Vasilis Chronopoulos, I have a bachelor’s degree in Economic Science, an MSc in Management Research, a Master’s degree in Adult Education and I am a PhD Candidate in Social Entrepreneurship. I have worked as a manager and a consultant in Social Cooperatives, Social Enterprises and NGOs for the last 15 years. During that period, I have also worked as an academic. I work in the SEPAL project as a Job Mediator, being a member of the Greek Team.        

Evie Georgakopoulou, WISE Expert – Coordinator

A BSc graduate of the University of West London with an upper second-class Honours degree in Psychology. A holder of an MSc degree in Occupational Psychology, awarded by Coventry University.

I have an experience of over 15 years in the field of mental health as part of a multidisciplinary team. I am fascinated in the psychology of work: having people become more intrinsically motivated and engaged. I am highly interested in the complexities of the person-organisation interface. To this end, I have been trained as a Gestalt Coach in Organisations.

For the last 8 years I have gained experience in the field of Supported Employment. Through my work with Social Cooperative „Diadromes” in Athens – Greece, I support, and assist people with mental disabilities and former alcohol addicts to obtain and maintain employment.

I have the privilege to be appointed WISE Coordinator of the SEPAL project’s Greek Team, as well as Communication Expert, for the last 2 years.

Mariangela Demenaga, WISE Expert – Vocational Counsellor

Mariangela Demenaga is a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist and an Art Therapist. Mariangela is a registered member of the British Psychoanalytic Council, the Tavistock Society of Psychotherapists, the Health and Care Professions Council and the British Association of Art Therapists. She was awarded a BSc/BA Hons in Psychology & Design Studies at the London Guildhall University. In 2005 Mariangela completed her MA in Art Therapy at Hertfordshire University. In 2006 she commenced working in adult mental health at the National Health Service, UK. She has experience working in high and medium secure forensic mental health services as well as in specialist psychotherapy services. In 2015, she completed the inter-cultural psychodynamic psychotherapy training at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. In 2018 she relocated to Athens where she works as a psychodynamic psychotherapist, art therapist and clinical supervisor both in private practice and as part of organizations that provide services in related fields.

P5. Collegium Balticum – WISE Expert team

Anna Kowalik-Conder, WISE Coordinator

PhD social sciences in the field of pedagogy. Master’s degree in social and resocialization work. For 6 years an academic teacher in the field of social sciences, mainly pedagogy and the process of learning and teaching, communication sciences, youth problems, the use of new technologies in education, preparation for the teaching profession. Mainly involved in working with university students and high school students. In addition, knowledge of labor law and experience in human resources and in leading own business. Researcher and participant in many international projects.

Paweł Radziszewicz, WISE expert – vocational counselor

PhD social sciences, College degree in Information Technology (IT), and 3 others: (IMHO), (revalidation), (resocialisation). I am on third year of psychology. Since 8 years an academic teacher involved in working with university students and high school students. I had been working in Young Offenders Institution for 23 years of which 10 I was experienced as director, which made me a human resources management specialist and also in Youth offenders resocialisation and widely understood resocialisation. All in all through educational, rehabilitation, and therapeutic actions/activities, my experience can have a positive impact on young offenders

Agnieszka Janiak, WISE expert – Job Mediator

Master of Economics, postgraduate studies teacher, trainer, lecturer, 28 years of experience in business and marketing, entrepreneur, academic lecturer, manager of the IT department, organizes educational and motivational seminars on jobs in the IT industry and project management. Philanthropist and CSR manager.